Pole dancing or Belly dancing? That is the question.

Shaun T and his rock-hard abs are great company in the morning, but I am thisclose to getting bored. I mean, how much tilting, tucking and tightening can one take (or make), huh?

Man, I need some bending, thrusting, swaying, gyrating, locking moves! Oooo, yeah...I want those. Grrrr...

Weehoo. I think I just need a vacation.

Or maybe a splash of cold water on the face.

Or maybe a good spanking. Ha!

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Is it March yet?

My Neko dreamt the other night that he picked me up at Honolulu airport and we proceeded to Waikele where he introduced me to one of his friends.

Well, all I can say is...Hawaii, here I come!

But only after...Manila, here he comes!

And...Hongkong, here we come!

Oh, yes...We're cooooommmmiiiing!!!

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I'm thinking again...

It just sucks sometimes. There are moments when I can't help but get too lonely and cry and ask questions I try to answer myself.

But I chose and signed up for this - and everything else that comes with it. And maybe it's my karma, so it's fair game. Is it? Oh, I hope not. I still keep on dreaming.

And I guess I can just keep on shopping, too. It helps - until I realize I've spent a little too much. And then it doesn't help at all.

Gaaaah. Okay. Feeling a bit better now. I'm wearing this new skirt I bought at 75% off from Zara.

So yeah. Happy Valentine's week everyone :)

(And I better receive a surprise on Thursday, mister.)

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I'm thinking...

What do I have to do to make Anthony Bourdain come here to the Philippines for No Reservations...

I'll swamp him with mails?

Hmmm...I could sound all gushy and perky! Like...exclamation points all over?!!!

Or desperate? Please-Mr.-Bourdain-please-come-here-please kind of desperate?

How about...threatening? You have to come here. Or else.

Oh! Oh! How about all three, huh? Ok. Freaky. But hey! Who knoooows....

*sigh* Mr. Bourdain. Tony. Just in case I get extremely lucky and you get to read this, I just want you to know, I will be here waiting for you!!! It's ok. C wouldn't mind. Please come here, please. It would break my heart if you don't. Please. Give Philippines a chance, pleeeease.

You better f*cking come here. OR ELSE.

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Yes. That is what greets me almost every morning just before I go to work. Literally.

Dog poo on the garage entrance.

There used to be like 3 or 4 scattered all over, but lately, there's just one. But man, it is the nastiest looking dog poo I have ever laid eyes on. The guard this morning said it's from the neighbor's dog. That dog must be sick, I thought. Because that shit was the shit! Really. It gets worse everyday. You get the picture? Ooor...maybe you'd rather not.

Ooops...Did I miss the part where I was supposed to warn of the possible gross theme of this post?


Why am I even talking about shit on a beautiful Friday?  

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