thinking out loud

now what can i give lonely, cash-strapped, have-already-bought-everyone-else-their-gifts me this christmas?

think, think, think...

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lights out

i miss home.

i miss us.

it could just get lonely here.

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go ahead. make my day.

our daily mails and messages oh-so-sweetly heralded by the sometimes-unreliable-but-should-i-really-complain office computer and cellphone...

they always make my day. you always make my day. everyday.

uh, not you, dirty harry.

go ahead...what makes your day?

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hello, santa?

all i want for christmas, is for christmas to be over!

please santa, can i have january already!?! can it be 2007 already!?!

you don't have to buy me any expensive don't even have to buy me any stuff! all those could not compare to the priceless (ooookay, pricey) gift that awaits me on, yes, january 2007.

so please, pretty please, my dear santa...i just want january 2007!

and if it still isn't too much to ask, can i have it, like, now?

hello? hello? santa? hellooooo?

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stuck in me 2 - too soon

now it's 'imagination is more important than knowledge' that's been torturing me the whole day.

aaaaaack! what the hell is wrong with you?

well, not you, mr. einstein.

maybe i should just go home now.

and imagine myself in sanuk bangkok - shopping, among other things.

yes, that might make me sleep soundly tonight.

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v is for weirdo

it was just a matter of time that it would get noticed. and who else to notice it but my sister.

that every single time i do my grocery...after carefully and painstakingly weighing the necessity of items not necessarily included in my list...after comparing prices and quality and quality for price...after changing my mind on a couple of things a couple of times...

when i have to pay at the check-out counter, i always end up leaving a few items in the cart.

every single, freaking time i do my grocery, there are some things deliberately, intentionally left behind in the cart.

and i enjoy doing it.

weirdo and loving it.

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