In your face

Facebook, that is.

N "told" me to sign up in yet another account (Twitter what?) - and being the good (!), obedient (!) girl that I am, I did.

And now, I'm sort of addicted to it. Gee...thanks a lot, babe.

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After years of postponing, I have decided to exercise. As in real exercise. Not the I'm-going-to-the-mall-and-window-shop-so-isn't-that-exercise-too exercise. I have enrolled at a small gym near my place, and I am going into my 3rd week now. Finally, too, N has stopped dropping occasional hints about the E-word. Yeah, I got the message, mister!

Soon, my fatty liver ECU finding will be history! Soon, my body fat will go down from 25%! Soon, I'm going to have rock-hard abs! And toned arms and thighs! And bigger butt! And maybe bigger boobs, too! Okay, maybe just the fatty liver and body fat will do...

Less fats, less carbs aaaaaand okay, more veg - ve - vege - vegetables...

This, I'm saying, after I've eaten Brother's Burger (fat and carbs) for lunch. And this, I will remember while I eat my Lucky Me Chili-Mansi Pancit Canton (carbs and preservatives) for dinner, and maybe Pad Thai noodles (more carbs) at SOMS tomorrow or Sunday.

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