and then there's tyler

i could vent about my car having been intentionally scratched over the weekend by some spineless, mindless, gutless, effing humanoid/s, while just parked in the condo building at that...

really, i could. i could, i could, i could.

buuuuut...i won't. it's not worth the fuss.

i mean, it may have been newly repaired (for all those previous dents and scratches) just two weeks ago, but why should i make a big deal about it, right? i could just have it fixed again, and spend some money again, right?

right. noooo biggie.

it may be my precious car, but it's still just a car...

a car i have named tyler. to somehow make me think of a happier place and of better things especially in times like these. better things like shoes and clothes.

yeeees, tyler. like the shop. my favorite shop to-date, but which i shall temporarily avoid with all my might and will.

temporarily. let's make that clear.

and okay debbie, you win. tyler sounds better than vin diesel, my first choice.
but don't you worry vin, i shall never let you go.

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and my point is...

aaaaaargh! i can't take this anymore!

this is torture! tohortuhuuuure!

i miss you so much, can't you see?

hi! i'm vina!
and in a nutshell, i'm a nutcase!
still love me?

have a great, crazy weekend everyone!

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and the beat goes on

what a wonderful day it is!!!! isn't it? isn't iiiiit?

i feel like hugging everyone i meet...though i haven't hugged anyone yet. i feel like giving everyone a kiss, too! okay, maybe i'll have to think about this one.

i'm in the office, the bosses are not around, i have my speaker volume a little louder than it should be, playing house/dance music and just moving my body to the beat, a.k.a. dancing. yes, there's some singing, too.

what? if there are other people here in the office? hehe, don't be silly...of course, there are! ssssh...there even are cameras. as a matter of fact, there's one just across me...but that doesn't mean i should be shy!

so okay, the craziness has been established, the reason behind, not quite.

let's just say, i feel good. today. and sometimes, there doesn't really have to be a reason, don't you think?

but maybe, these will do:

1. i drove safely to the office and for the 3rd straight day, i successfully squeezed through the narrow basement parking and semi-successfully parked the car in reverse (it's parked a little off-center, hehe)

2. i still fit into my white topshop pants that, i swear, has a life of its own. aaaand i'm wearing my tyler pumps and really, really cool tyler long-back jacket...and man, i feel, hmmmm, let's just say, nice

4. i'm already starting to feel confident about my driving skills, after 6 days of driving alone. i have even started cursing, but only under my breath...and only at pedestrians who like cruising and taking their time crossing the streets

5. as of today, i am still loved. and missed. and needed. and wanted. and i love him. and i miss him. and i need him. and i want him, too.

*sigh* now why am i feeling a little down, all of a sudden...

dammit. it's quiet, that's why. i've finished the cd.

oh well, time to play another one. and move my body to the beat and do some singing, too.

have a great day everyone!!!!! carpe diem!

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my sweet, sweet thoughts on having kids

i swear....

if i hear in the office another one of the why-aren't-you-pregnant-yet or soon-you're-the-only-one-here-who's-not-married-nor-pregnant or you're-30-why-aren't-you-pregnant-nor-married-yet lines...

i'm going to kick the sorry ass out of him / her / them.

i'm kidding, of course - about the kicking ass bit. maybe i'll just flash him / her / them the middle finger.

okay, maybe that's too much, too.

i'll just perfect my "but i don't want to, yet" retort with matching smirk and shoulder shrug.

that's more polite.

i'll have kids.
i am a late bloomer, after all.

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friday night out

on a wednesday night. with my ever-reliable drinking and party buddies, sister debbie and "sister" april.

i, in my 3-inch heels, debbie in flats, april in kitten heels.

i, with 1 glass of amaretto sour and almost 6 glasses of vodka/sprite (darn, i think someone handed me a glass of rhum coke, too), debbie with a half bottle of san mig light and 3 glasses of vodka/sprite, april with a half bottle of san mig light and almost 5 glasses of vodka/sprite.

i, 30 years old, debbie and april, 23.

heel height and glasses of drinks considered, the 30-year old danced non-stop for more than 2 hours. runner-up, april. played mother, debbie (tsk, tsk).

later in the day (yesterday)...hangover and major body ache. and oh,

oh well. work hard, party hard.

and then just get some more sleep and maybe a massage.

sleep, massage, and talk to my prince charming for some extra TLC.

happy weekend everyone! carpe diem!

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no doubt about it

YOU make me happy...

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woohoo! a brand-new car for a brand-new me!

weeeeell, actually...a buffed, polished, now dent-free, maintenance-checked, spanking-clean and definitely brand-new looking 2004 civic for an unquestionably, unarguably, undoubtedly brand-new me.

never mind that i actually did not finish the required five-hour driving lessons. i still have a one-hour session that i need to reschedule. but knowing me (yes, the old and new me), i would consciously forget about it and concentrate on this new project of mine. hey! in my 4 days of driving, i've already been through heavy rain and flood, and have successfully navigated the notorious traffic and streets/roads of taft, quiapo, españa and sampaloc. never mind, again, that i still have to perfect my turning skills and that i haven't tried parking yet.

practice shall make perfect. and i shall officially start my practice tomorrow. morning.

and mornings thereafter. and reluctantly, with a chaperone. till i get impatient, like i always do on most things, and just drive my baby whenever, wherever i want....till i make perfect.

drive alone, or maybe with debbie and april, who are oh-so raring, oh-so roaring, and oh-so willing to be my passengers. so sweet of them, really. so driven like me.

i wish them good luck.

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sweet sweat

sweet shirt. *scratches head*

sweet t-shirt. uh, doesn't sound right...

sweet shirt. i guess that's the correct one.

ha! manic monday?
no sweet!

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the tour that was - part two

final stop of last saturday's northbank walking tour of carlos celdran was quiapo.

with all the warnings and horror stories i (or we) have heard about quiapo, it was good timing that señor enrique, his nephew, edick, and i were finally "united", since a buddy system was required. ha! i had two buddies, front and back, while maneuvering ourselves through the stalls of what-have-you's, out to quiapo church and the plaza.

aaaaah, quiapo...

quiapo is certainly a feast for the experience on its own.... more popularly, it is a contradiction of religious sorts, for believers of all kinds and classes.

here, you could pray for someone to love you, or you could just buy a love potion or light a (red) candle. you could pray for protection and good health, or you could just buy an amulet or light a (pink) candle. you could pray to be blessed with a child, but you could buy a bottled remedy to "fix" the "problem". hell (no pun intended), you could probably buy something for redemption and to fast-track salvation!

to seal the quiapo deal and wrap-up the tour, carlos had us enter the side of the church, take a few steps up a spiral stairway, and touch the feet of the Black Nazarene. wow, the Black Nazarene!

so i walked up the stairs, touched a foot and prayed. who was i to question all this craziness and hullabaloo in the world?

it was a fun and interesting tour, to say the least. more than two hours of carlos bringing us back and forth to the old and new manila, dropping a few juicy tidbits here and there, making us laugh, sigh and hope, if not contribute, for a renewed and better home that is manila and the philippines.

thank you to gracious host señor (and to edick) for the company, and to myself for finally, finally, making it a point to join a tour.

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second day groove

second day of driving lesson, and it rained like crazy!

but i did not fret, not while driving that is, because hey, i'm going to drive through a storm at one point, right? ooookay, not through a storm. i'd rather be holed up in bed {start of dream sequence: cuddling...and snuggling...and spooning :end of dream sequence} than be out driving in the streets through a storm or heavy, heavy, heeeeavy rain.

second day of driving lesson, and i'm still in one piece. the car is still in one piece. the instructor is still in one piece.

erm, on the instructor...i don't know what happened to Remy, or what i might have done to him, but today, it was Lino (or Lina, hehe).

should i start getting worried? about my driving, that is?

nah. it's only been two days!

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the tour that was - part one

i can't believe señor enrique stood me up!

this kept playing in my mind as 45 minutes into the northbank (escolta and quiapo) tour of carlos celdran last saturday (september 2), i still found myself alone and carrying the plastic bag of bacolod butterscotch and tarts intended for him.

from the group's meeting place, polland cafe (yuchengco street near savory restaurant), at 3:00 pm, to starting the tour just across the street with the view of the pasig river/manila post office, to a walk-through of the interesting collection of old photographs, newspaper clippings and bottles at the calvo building, i was by my lonesome self, in my first guided tour in manila, and thinking if i should just strike up a conversation with any of the tour members. yeah right.

a few minutes after we stepped out of the building, i was actually contemplating in giving the bag of goodies away to this cute, blonde, blue-eyed, little girl (who kept looking and smiling at me for some reason, i swear). but then, someone tapped me on my shoulder, asking if i was vina.

haha, it was eric! of course he did not "indian" me! he and his nephew edick had just been with the group all along, and he was also wondering if i stood him up!

oh well, sorry cute, blonde, blue-eyed, little girl...

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first day high

Sentence for the day: "Mind the wheel."

Repeat: "Mind the wheel!!!"

first day of driving lesson (around sampaloc and españa areas) and i must have scared my instructor. no wonder i detected apprehension - or was it dread? - when he semi-asked, semi-stated that i have a night session on saturday. yeah, well, there's nothing you can do Mr.'re in my mercy for the next 4 days.

but if I scared him, I excited me...the buzz and the rush are still surging in my blood. add to that, i'm wearing the new, s-e-x-y, killer pumps i bought from Tyler (Powerplant) last sunday, and my temperature just keeps on soaring.

caution: feeling extremely hot right now...

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beautiful day, beautiful life!

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...

It's learning to dance in the rain.
It's singing in the car when you don't even know all the words.
It's giving your heart to someone even if you're a little scared at first.
It's about taking risks and making life worth living.

...Because every minute you waste
is a minute you'll never get back.

how fitting....
text message forwarded by my sister two weeks ago.

note to vina: must do that dance-in-the rain thing

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE aaaaand the "ber" months are here, so MERRY CHRISTMAS, too, haha!

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