the Kon Thai Kaa experience - bangkok 2007

that monday morning, i was made to wear the official yellow polo shirt commemorating the King's 60th year reign for our Grand Palace and Wat Pho tours in busy bangkok. our mission for the day was to get me in for free, since according to N's relatives, i look thai. i was given instruction to not speak and utter an english word especially at the entrance, and N also made me memorize a sentence i would say in case i was asked if i was thai: "Kon Thai Kaa", meaning, "I am Thai". how i would be able to understand if i was indeed questioned was beyond me, but i was sure N would give me a nudge or a wink or something.

First up was Grand Palace, and i passed with flying yellow color.

now, if you can visit only one place in bangkok, the spectacular Grand Palace should be it. it is, undoubtedly, the city's most famous landmark. this complex, whose layout is similar to the palaces of ayutthaya, houses government offices, royal residences, and the Emerald Buddha temple - all done with elaborate and intricate details that showcase the thai people's craftsmanship.

after we were sure we've covered almost everything, we caught a cab and proceeded to nearby Wat Pho (or Wat Po), where, ehem, i got in for free again. This is home to Thailand's largest reclining Buddha (46 meters long and 15 meters high), and to the famous traditional thai massage at the massage school, where we had a full-body session.

refreshed and rejuvenated, N and I went home ready for some muay thai action in the evening at the ratchadamnoen boxing stadium, where N was stopped before entering and asked if he was thai.

we were holding hands but i was ready to run in case i was stopped and asked the same question. thankfully again, i didn't have to.

in case you didn't know, Kon Thai Kaa.

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the ayutthaya ruins experience-bangkok 2007

so much for reprieve. N gave me an ultimatum to finish my bangkok posts and no amount of pleading for extension could sway him. that's my man. :)


i was still on a rush from my too-good-to-be-true encounter with the elephants when we proceeded to explore Wat Phra Si San Phet and other ruins in the Ancient Palace in ayutthaya. it seemed almost unreal and magical to be surrounded by the centuries old structures - towering and grand in every sense. the whole complex was so full of history that i just felt trivial.

our cameras went a-clicking here and there while N and I made sure to get as far away as possible from his little monster of a nephew who would either run ahead of N to hold my hand or friskily cling on to me like a koala.

temples and buddha ruins are spread and scattered all over the city, some already incorporated in current buildings and compounds, that there was always something to see left or right. such was the case when we were on our way back home, when we chanced upon Wat Lokayasutharam or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. at more than 27 meters, it was one huge buddha!

it was a long, fun-filled day in ayutthaya for us, capped by dinner at a german-themed beer garden near bangkok, where the little perv slash nephew, upon seeing that N went to the restroom, creeped under the table, gave me a back hug and was starting to inch his hands towards my chest until he got the spank from me.

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well, well, whaddaya know...

i'll be celebrating my blog's first anniversary on march 22 and i am happy that you all are a part of it.

i could write about it on march 22, but being the impatient and impulsive girl that i am, i WANT to tell you about it NOW.

in a span of one year of blogging ups and downs, i welcomed 3-0 with open arms, had to say goodbye to my boyfriend of almost 7 years, and stalked N till he gave up and said yes to me (there. are you happy now, babe? :P).

in between, i found myself again.

and boy, have i forgotten. i can be a handful.

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W O W.

and i didn't even really, really, reeeeeally care about those hard abs and chiseled thighs and occasional glimpses of yummy bums.

erm, did i say hard, chiseled and yummy?

P.S. peace, my one and only Spartan! :P

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this morning at home, i spent a great deal of time chasing this fly that had magically appeared, and was leisurely cruising low and resting once in a while on the floor. it wasn't the 'aggressive' type...wasn't technically bothering me or anything. but in my past life, i may have been a professional insect exterminator who dearly loved and took pride in my work.

i gave my chasing a rest when i was already drying my hair...but then the fly probably had a death wish for it kept intruding my personal space. nooooo don't know me, mister (or miss). it is my mission to kill things like you. i have mastered the skill of hand- clench-catching a mosquito and would risk my own life inhaling poison by following a cockroach with sprays of insecticide.

i...vina...*grabs my slipper*annihilate things like you with passion.
*smaaaaack!* there goes my slipper on the floor.

just like that, the fly met its bloody end. it died an instant death and did not feel any pain (it's a different story for roaches...i prefer that they suffer).

and to set me apart from other so-called professional insect exterminators, i lovingly cleaned up the mess - with tissue and all-purpose cleaner/disinfectant.

now, if only i can do the same thing to the wonderful, adorable, loveable drivers and pedestrians of manila.


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intermission...drum roll please!

i have spent All My Life, looking for my Hero, and now that i have found you, i am in Heaven.

Is This Love? indeed it is. I Get Weak even just thinking about you.

Oh, You Got It All, baby! The Search Is Over. Could it be? God Must Have Spent a Little More Time with You.

And I'd do anything for you. You're the Inspiration.

Yes, babe. I'd Do Anything for Love...But I Won't Do That.


aaw, come on guys, i haven't turned psycho (yet) or something. and i'm not about to embarass N! even though i'm Truly, Madly, Deeply...aaaack! ok! ok!

they're sooooongs, people. more importantly, they're looooove songs. but!!! most importantly, they're awesomely baaaaaad love songs - according to VH1 that is.

and this realization hit me - over and over again, while watching the show: not that song!...hey, i like that song!...nooooo! not that song, too, dammit! yes, that kind of realization. but nothing's gonna stop me from singing them still! oh no siree!

it may be the lyrics and the meaning behind the lyrics, the artist, the video, or well, just about anything and everything. in any case, i'm sure you have your, ehem, (old) favorites here, too!

sooooo, ladies and gentlemen...i proudly present to you, the bottom half of the 40 Most Awesomely Bad Love Songs...Ever, from VH1. taaaaaraaaaaaa!

40 - Hero by Enrique Iglesias
39 - Is This Love by Whitesnake
38 - Joanna by Kool and the Gang
37 - God Must Have Spent A Little More Time With You by N'Sync
36 - You're The Inspiration by Chicago
35 - The Search Is Over by Survivor
34 - Get Here by Oleta Adams
33 - Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden
32 - When You Close Your Eyes by Night Ranger
31 - Heaven by Warrant
30 - Suddenly by Billy Ocean
29 - You Got It All by The Jets
28 - Endless Nights by Eddie Money
27 - Eternal Flame by The Bangles
26 - All My Life by K-Ci & Jojo
25 - Love Of A Lifetime by Firehouse
24 - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meatloaf
23 - Rosanna by Toto
22 - I Get Weak by Belinda Carlisle
21 - When I See You Smile by Bad English

So, Hold On To The Nights people, because Even The Nights Are Better... As Long As You Love Me! (read: watch out for part 2!)

*PCEK baby!* :)

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