i will be able to take you to places you've never been.
make you see things you've never seen.
take care of you...protect you...even impress you.
i will love you like crazy.

you and i will go a long way, baby.

driving lesson starts tuesday next week.
five days. just five mere days.
then i will be free from the chains of dependency.
i get to drive my beloved civic. and we shall look good together.


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yes from me to you

yes to crazy
yes to dreaming
yes to dancing like no one's watching...

yes to tomorrow
yes to next year
yes to not knowing but not having fear...

yes to tears
yes to smiles and laughter
yes to consequences and obstacles to conquer...

yes to friends
yes to family
yes to not having to say "if only"...

and yes...

yes to LIFE.

yes to LOVE.




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freaky friday

i love you


i miss you

like crazy...



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it's a date!

i am soooo looking forward to joining inimitable carlos celdran on his north bank tour (walking tour of escolta and quiapo, and the north side of pasig river) on september 2, saturday! this will be my first guided tour in manila since i considered it my home almost 4 years ago.

this will be a welcome respite to my typically mundane, boring, and unexciting life particularly during the weekend (except for the 4pm-7pm slot - that's a happenin' slot). otherwise...boohoo, really. pitiful. i tell you, send me those drinks.

but, what makes this tour even more special is that i will be meeting gracious "host" señor eric, who is, of course, one of the best bloggers we have around here. to say that i am excited is an understatement. i am actually nervous! i hope he doesn't bite. on the other hand, i'm sure he wouldn't be able to bite...what with the butterscotch munching all throughout the tour, di ba señor! *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

now please, puhleeeease...don't rain on my parade.

(photo grabbed from dreaming of la vida escolta post of señor enrique)

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there she blows


that's right.
i'm huffing and puffing.

run for cover.


and just wait for tomorrow.
tomorrow, i'll be fine.

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lucky night

"aren't you thankful we're in manila?" debbie (my sister) pointed out, to no one in particular.

"why?" i asked.

"if we were still in bacolod, do you think we would have bonded like this?" or words to that effect.

i swear, my sister can dish out some meaningful words sometimes...(hehe, love you, deb)

last night
over loud music, beer...and avocado, with debbie and april
while playing millionaire's game
2 rounds - i won both

i can hear the two girls cussing all over again

i think i'm going to be rich when i grow up...

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okay, first let me establish the fact that i AM crazy. and weird. and maybe schizophrenic. and utterly unpredictable. (heeeey, i'm a cancer/gemini...i think i could be excused.)

because after yesterday's mysterious bout of semi-depression, i'm feeling absolutely terrific today. when i woke up this morning, i jumped out of the bed, turned on the radio (which i haven't done for a looooong time), tuned in to WRock for its 70s & 80s dance music, turned up the volume, and danced. and danced. and danced.

danced while eating my cereals, danced to barry white's "you're the first, the last, my everything" while brushing my teeth, danced while in the shower (okaaaay, picture ms. piggy the stuffed toy taking a shower and dancing, will you?) from madonna's "lucky star", to "lanza perfumis (hehe, i don't know how it's spelled...)", to abba's "dancing queen", and vst & co.'s "awitin mo at isasayaw ko", and danced some more after shower. hell, i was even still tapping my feet during commercials.

and why am i in such a helluva great mood today?

it's not because:
a.) it's a long weekend (yes! holiday on monday!)
b) i've confirmed to myself that i did lose some weight - okay, inches actually (hmmm...let me gloat a little on this)
c) the magic word S-A-L-E is something to look forward to on saturday and sunday (rockwell vintage bazaar here i come!)

the answer is, i don't know (or maybe i do, but i won't tell...). i just woke up, and i'm happy! so happy, in fact, that i dressed up, on a casual friday, when my boss isn't even around. and i'm not even going somewhere!

oh. that makes me sad.

i've dressed up, and there's nowhere to go but home tonight? a friday? and a long weekend?

dammit. now i'm sad.

oh well, happy weekend everyone!

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great. just great.

when things go wrong, as they sometimes other words, when you find yourself in (semi) deep sh*t...don't you just wish you could do things at your own pace and time? to not have any care? to just forget about the world?

we wish. you wish. i wish.

splendid. just splendid.

Chasing Cars
by Snow Patrol

we'll do it all
on our own

we don't need
or anyone

if i lay here
if i just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?

i don't quite know
how to say
how i feel

those three words
are said too much
they're not enough

if i lay here
if i just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?

forget what we're told
before we get too old
show me a garden that's bursting into life

let's waste time
chasing cars
around our heads

i need your grace
to remind me
to find my own

all that i am
all that i ever was
is here in your perfect eyes, they're all i can see

i don't know where
confused about how as well
just know that these things will never change for us at all

if i lay here
if i just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?

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darn yooooooou vacation!!!!

you have made me wanting, needing, missing, longing and craving for some more!

and now i just feel downright miserable...

pitiful, am i not? oh, do pity me!!!!

then send me some donations or pledges.

cash is good, but i prefer drinks - the kind that intoxicates.

and maybe some finger food to go with it, too.

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oh, wow. monday and already, i'm feeling naughty? way to go, vina!

but that's certainly better than feeling all glum and gloomy!

erm, first thing - that's not me in the photo. she's too thin to be me. dammit.

okay, second thing - the question: what part of the body do you find sexy in a man / woman? what do you find sexy in a man / woman?

don't give me that there's-more-to-what-meets-the-eye littany (though, yes, i find humor AND smarts sexy)...i'm talking about straight-on, physical stuff here.

let's just be shallow and good-naughty today, shall we?

okay, i'll start...and i'll start with the women (hehe, of course i have something to say about the women, too!). what i find sexy in a woman are: small waist and big hips (or at least, there should be a proportion!), collar bone (am i weird for liking this?), neck and back of the neck, and shoulders. and oooooh, that curve on the back, the one that meets the tush.

for men, i like (broad) shoulders. hmmmm, i could just melt in those. and...

and the rest falls under the there's-more-to-what-meets-the-eye category.

which means...i'm pickier with women than i am with men.

which doesn't mean anything. i still love i swear.

and i dream of going to brazil and ogle at those sexy brazilian women in itsy bitsy bikinis.

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the meme, that is!

ok. this is exactly 44 days overdue...sorry sweet angeliu!!!

better late than never, AND, i'm not being too productive right now (read: i'm lazy) here it goes, my foursome meme:

*4 jobs i would stink at
1. salesperson - i'm just good at buying, period.
2. tv anchor/reporter - i laugh and giggle easily.
3. engineer - duh. numbers!
4. stock broker or financial analyst - sheez, i can't even handle my own finances.

*4 nicknames i made up for myself/other people made up for me
1. Vi
2. Ate Vi
3. Viña
4. Tata batuta (my tito ricky penned it for me when i was still a kid; he still calls me that sometimes)

*4 movies i can watch over and over again
1. Primal Fear - Edward Norton
2. Four Brothers - Mark Wahlberg
3. Bourne series - Matt Damon
4. Ocean series - George, George, George...and Matt, and a little bit of Brad

*4 things i love to do on weekends
1. watch TV/dvds/movie
2. shopping or window-shopping, whichever is applicable
3. watch TV/dvds/movie
4. shopping or window-shopping, whichever is applicable

*4 alcoholic beverages i enjoy from time to time
1. wine
2. vodka, wine
3. tequila, vodka, wine
4. beer, wine, vodka, tequila, and everything else

*4 fantastic vacations destinations i would love to go to before i pass out
1. Greece
2. Prague
3. Italy
4. France

*4 celebrities i would definitely, positively, certainly, DYINGLY go on a BIG DATE with
okay, this is a bit difficult for me...just four?
2. MARK RUFFALO - first saw him in "In the Cut", and he had a sexy...okay, nude scene. i made sure i would not forget his name. ever.
can i make it five?
5. WENTWORTH MILLER of Prison Break fame (i love you. call me sometime, ok?)

*4 things i could not live without
1. face powder
2. blush on
3. lip gloss
4. ok. cellphone.

* 4 gadgets i wish to have
i'm not really into gadgets...just one, i guess
1. laptop - but a really, really, really beautiful, top-of-the-line one...hey, it's a wish!

happy weekend everyone!

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the signs are everywhere

too obvious to be overlooked...

just follow the signs!

what a great, crazy adventure it will be...

what's YOUR great, crazy adventure story?

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