A day with an OFW

Last Saturday, I saw Debbie again after 3 months. It was the first of her three overnight Manila flights this August. Funny, but it felt like she wasn't really gone! We talked and joked like usual, like Dubai was just ParaƱaque - and ok, Greenhills - where she used to spend most of her time, anyway (think current and ex boyfriends).

She lost a little weight, but that's okay, because she was eating A LOT here. And we know what happens when one eats a lot and doesn't exercise!

We all had lunch at Lola Ina's in Seaside, and devoured our favorite prawns in garlic butter sauce, deep fried tilapia, and kilawin tangigue, but not before taking pictures, and while watching Wowowee. We decided we could squeeze in one more activity before she leaves at midnight, and we agreed to watch a movie at MOA. Tagalog, of course.

So we watched A Very Special Love, with matching pila to complete the experience. Loved the movie, by the way. Baduy na kung baduy.

Mabuhay ka, Deb.

Don't forget my pasalubong.

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We're still together...

...Even though we're apart.

2 years.
Still counting. Still lovely.

Thank you.

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