hey you!

your love is still king, you know.

thank you.
for this, and everything else.

okay, don't be smug now.

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when everything else gets a tad too crazy even for crazy me, i turn to them.

they don't give the sanest advice.
hell, they don't give any advice.

they just pump up the volume.

(L-R: debbie-the sister, who? me?, and april-the sister's BFF slash my adopted whatever)

long live wine-in-mug-nights-at-home with my girls.

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stuck in me

weeeeell, not exactly in that sense...

the quote 'the more things change, the more they remain the same' has been flashing over and over again in my head today, for no reason - or so it seems? but then, i have no intention of over-analyzing that. not today. my brain's playing tricks and is too messed up as it is.

at least, that line's much better than the other day's five-fifty five-fifty fiiiiive greenwich delivery...call five-fifty five-fifty fiiiive greenwich delivery... (damn those commercials!)

what's stuck in you?

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December 22 is Global Orgasm Day, and everyone is invited to participate in this move to "reduce the current dangerous levels of agression and violence throughout the world".

sooooo...my question is, does it have to be December 22?

will my exertions...errrrr, i mean, our efforts, still be appreciated, liiiiike, next year? as in, early next year? because i'm scheduling mine sometime between end of january till early february.

ah! i mean, will our efforts still be appreciated any time of the year? and i am assuming even solo contributions will also go a long way? because, you know, there's nothing like a joint endeavor, right?

whoa. what i really mean is, we can still contribute to world peace in any way we can, yes?

yeah. that's what i actually meat. i mean, meant.

man, oh, man.

oooooh, man.

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friday morning delight

it was a fine morning as i drove to work today. not too sunny and hot - just perfect to have the window down.

i was first in line as the traffic light along taft/agoncillo turned red. with my hall and oats essentials cd playing track 7 (my favorite 'one on one'), two caucasian males crossed just right in front of the car, and i followed them with my gaze, from right to left. one of them was cute...yummily lean in those shirt, shorts and flip-flops...

and then, when they reached the pavement, cute guy slightly turned and looked straight at me, catching me looking at him.

and he smiled. at me.

and i froze.

and i felt my cheeks turn red.

and just when i started curving my lips into what i hoped would be a nice smile, i heard honks. lots of freaking, goddamn honks. and to think the light just turned green. i think, i think.

cute guy and i, we had a moment. a one-minute or less-than-a-minute moment, but still a moment, dammit. and i had to say goodbye to that moment as i sped away.

and i never let any of those f*ckers behind me overtake tyler.

moral of the story: erm...don't peel my eyes off the traffic light till it turns green?

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the f*ck and thank you post

oh, f*ck it!

f*ck the never-ending tears, f*ck the sleepless nights, f*ck this troubled (love) life.

oh man, it's hard. i'm still in deep sh*t, but f*ck it, really. i'll worry about it next year...

thank you to everyone who took time out to check on me and offered sweet words. i really, really appreciate it:

to christine, jv, era, cruise, dez, for the encouragement and positivity
to teepsee, for the offer to drink, hehe...but you get better girl, and take it easy ;-)
to obi, thanks man, we're friendsters na ha! :P
to seƱor eric, for making me think about that dec. 3 event in intramuros :)
to ate ghee, for simply being here
to ms. jmom, tito richard, who only make me cry even more with your touching and wise words :)
to the newbies iskoo, ferdz, who must think i'm on the verge of suicide :P
to bh, whose cover is now blown...ha! :P
to sweet kyels and consuela, definitely pretty tintin, my manang, ate girlie, my soul sisters jase and yuri, and the man, my man, neko, i only have love for all of you
and to the anonymous commenters who i think might still be one of you here...

i dream of better days ahead, and i hope you'll still be there for the ride. it'll be a goooood ride with me. ha! definitely. :P

weehoo...well, well, what do you know... i just might be back, after all.

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burning the bridge

one day,
these tears will stop falling.

i will stop hurting.

but when that day comes,
i will still love you.

and how i love you so,
but i am sorry
i could not be any stronger.
i am sorry
i could not hold on any longer...

it's been done
it cannot be undone.

i find myself alone

i find myself again.

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On this day

1:02 p.m.

I just want you to know that there is nothing more I wish for in life but to see you happy, and I am trying my very best to live up to your expectations. It's hard but it's worth it.

You don't deserve anything that's happening right now. I can't blame you if one day you will just vanish, but I am trying hard to make things right and I hope it is not too late.

I love you. Always remember that.

I will always remember that...

And I will always remember this day.
This day is one of the saddest days of my life.

November 15, 2006
6 years, 7 months...

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