ooooo, the days are breezing by soooo fast!!! can you feel it? can you feel it? soon, it's going to be june already!

june, june, june!

aaand just because it's june, it won't be long till it's going to be august! because two people (a.k.a. N & V) are turning one in august!

aaand when it's finally august, it won't be long till it's october! because in october, it's coffee time with N again! this time in beijing. oh yes, what can i say...our love's semi-international, and definitely expensive (there goes my so-called savings).

june, june, june!

*sob* what's taking it so long?

~as of Wednesday, April 25....N and I are meeting in SEPTEMBER!!!!! gotta pack soon!!!!

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no apologies

last april 15 would have been our 7th anniversary.

but all those years seem distant now...
all those moments just seem like a dream...

i am moving on, he is trying.
i have found love and life again, he is searching.
such is life. it isn't fair.

but life is also what me make it.

i am happy.
i am in love.
i have found myself again.
i dream once more.

life has never been this beautiful.*

*thank you, baby.

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back to reality...

and it's aaalll good. :)

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the floating market experience-bangkok 2007

it was a clear and beautiful tuesday morning as we headed out early to ratchaburi province, a 2-hr drive from bangkok, for the damnoen saduak floating market tour. this floating market is over 100 years old, and considered to be the biggest and most popular in thailand. we had to be there early since the market closes at 11:00 am, and it is routinely crowded with hundreds of vendors, buyers and tourists.

yes, this is the stuff we see in pictures...a colorful and lively 'street' full of small rowing and long-tailed engine boats with vendors selling food, particularly locally produced fruits and vegetables, and more.

it was buying and eating floating market style as we sampled fruits and noodles and shopped for souvenir items from our paddle boat.

N even spotted some sweet tacos (actually, sweet coconut pancake - or something like that) and bought me a bag, most probably as a guilt-gift, since he deprived me a few days earlier (yes, i shall never forget, mister!).

the sun was already quite scorching when we finished the tour, and before heading home, we cooled off with some delicious ginger tea, and by having our pictures taken with a monstrous python.

from waterway traffic, it was time to navigate through land traffic in the evening, as we rushed for our dinner cruise along chao praya river. we thought we wouldn't be able to make it, but N's cousins had the time wrong and we ended up being at the ship an hour early. it was also rather chilly but i didn't mind. it was a great excuse for an excess of embraces!

this was our last tour day, and it couldn't have been any less perfect.

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could it be the heat?

because right now...

1.) i'm hating manila: the effing noise, the effing traffic, the effing dirt, the effing litter, the effing parking fees, the effing potholes. and yes, those effing campaign materials and jingles are getting through my nerves too.

2.) i'm feeling sad and lonely and jaded and restless and ooooo...i don't know. and on top of that, i'm having a headache that just wouldn't go away - most probably because of #1.

it's a good thing i'm going home to quiet and clean bacolod this weekend, where we will hit the beach, and i get to eat my favorite meals again, and hole up in my room with the a/c on almost the whole day (and not worry about the exorbitant electricity bill), and be able to sleep peacefully in the dark and silence of the night.

ahhh...just the thought of it makes me feel a tad better now.

yeah, it must be the heat. or, it could just be that it's that time of the month. or, i just miss N. or, it could be all three.

have a meaningful and lovely week everyone!

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