hApPy new year! Happy, happy neeeeeew yeeeeear!!!

Happy 2007!!! haaaaaap......wait.

2007! 2007? t w o t h o u s a n d s e v e n.

rats. it's two "uh-oh" seven.

lots of things are happening this year. maaaaajor things.

crikey. what can i say?

bring it on. i'll be waiting :)

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At 3:33 AM, January 04, 2007, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

cheers! cheers! :P

At 6:33 AM, January 04, 2007, Blogger houseband00 said...

Happy New Year, Vina! =)

At 10:17 AM, January 04, 2007, Blogger cruise said...

happy new year vina!

At 1:42 PM, January 04, 2007, Blogger Raquel said...

Happy New Year Vina, more blessings for you this year.

The queer of chef brought me here.

At 12:41 AM, January 05, 2007, Anonymous K said...

meaning we are 1 yr older again.

Happy New Year, Vina!

At 8:23 AM, January 05, 2007, Blogger Richard said...

I am sure you can take on the New Year, but can the New Year handle you?

At 9:28 AM, January 05, 2007, Anonymous kyels said...


Happy New Year to you Ate Vina!


At 11:41 AM, January 05, 2007, Anonymous niceheart said...

Happy new year also to you, miss vina. Mabuti ka pa at maraming major happenings. :) I also want some changes to my boring life. :)

At 2:03 PM, January 05, 2007, Blogger houseband00 said...

Hi Vina!

Is your post getting longer everyday or do I need an eye check-up? =)

Cute boots, btw!

At 8:16 PM, January 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy new year, ms. v! keep the V in in vivacity;)-ajay

At 9:13 AM, January 06, 2007, Blogger Abaniko said...

If it's "two 'uh-oh' seven" for you, I predict (and will make sure) it's gona be "two 'ohhhhh-ohhhhh' seven" for me. Haha.

At 7:05 PM, January 08, 2007, Anonymous iskoo said...

tama bring it on! happy new year!

At 10:49 AM, January 09, 2007, Blogger vina said...

NEKO> certainly :)

HOUSEBAND/CRUISE/RAQUEL> and a happy one to you, too!

K> that's the least of my worries, though :P

RICHARD> that, my friend, IS the question :P

At 11:01 AM, January 09, 2007, Blogger vina said...

KYELS> at manigong bagong taon din sa iyo! you can add that to your dictionary :)

i hope you enjoyed your stay here kyels!

NICEHEART> ha! major aaaand scary things ms. niceheart. would you still like those? :P

HOUSEBAND> hehe, this is one of my magic posts. and thanks for spotting the boots! :P

At 11:23 AM, January 09, 2007, Blogger vina said...

AJ> thanks ms. aj!!! have a spanking new year!

NIKO> haha! i'll have the ohhhh-ohhhh with the uh-oh, too! :P

ISKO> at buti naman nandiyan ka pa! :) happy new year iskoo!

At 4:30 PM, January 09, 2007, Blogger Senor Enrique said...

Hope all your dreams come true this new year, Vina!

At 5:25 PM, January 09, 2007, Blogger tin-tin said...

happy new year vina! so did you see yuri last week? see you this year :)

At 7:07 PM, January 09, 2007, Blogger vina said...

SENOR> now why do i feel like a fairy tale princess? :P

TIN> happy new year to you, too! we weren't able to see each other. marami siyang bookings :P

let's meet up one of these days tin!


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