i have a weird fascination and obsession with bathroom and all-purpose cleaners.

there is no other excuse nor explanation for this, except that i have somehow become my mother, but to the nth degree. i have morphed and mutated.

i am not yet a member of any warehouse store here in manila so i don't know how vast their selections are, and because our supermarkets have rather limited stocks, i have taken a liking and inclination towards puregold duty free shop in clark.

and that's exactly where i was last saturday. after bringing ricky to the airport (sans the tears!), the send-off party consisting of yours truly, debbie (my sister), april (debbie's best friend and my adopted sibling) and bobby (ricky's twin), slowly and carefully navigated our way through the heavy rain and intentionally sought shelter at puregold. i needed to replenish my household cleaners stock.

while most of the normal people usually gravitate towards the chocolates and candies section, i giddily headed, like i always (ab)normally do, to the cleaners section.

aaaaah, blissful state captured by my sister before a guard took her away. hehe, not really - the guard just informed her that picture taking was not allowed.

when we finally got back home in manila, i wasted no time in introducing the new members, the All-Purpose Cleaner (2nd to the right) and the Lysol Bathroom Cleaner (right), to the rest of the family.

by sunday morning, i was happily and gladly scrubbing, brushing, wiping and polishing away in the bathroom.

i was in a good mood for the rest of the day.

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At 9:15 PM, June 05, 2006, Anonymous snglguy said...

A clean freak are you? :-)

At 9:59 PM, June 05, 2006, Blogger yuri said...

girl, galing ng diversion mo ha... i bet zanjoe would love that while we cuddle at the adjacent room. ;)

me too, never liked it when the toilet is dirty, it somewhat reflects the person's hygiene.

At 11:17 PM, June 05, 2006, Blogger Shionge said...

Wow! Whoever marries you will be very lucky indeed - clean and tidy always :P

At 10:13 AM, June 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mukhang magkasing-OC kayo ni Toni, hahaha. But cleaning is really therapeutic. I bet you cleaned right after going home to forget about missing Ricky. Hope you're doing well:)-ajay

At 10:31 AM, June 06, 2006, Blogger jase said...

i'm also obsessed with cleaning stuff... i collect them but have not really used all of them...yet!!!

At 10:54 AM, June 06, 2006, Blogger vina said...

SNGLGUY, if cleaning the bathroom with gusto, or spraying on/ chasing ants and cockroaches like a maniac, or wiping any floor mark/stain, imaginary or otherwise, constitutes a clean freak....then erm, yes. i MIGHT be.

At 11:22 AM, June 06, 2006, Blogger vina said...

hi YURI dear. you ha, you have an evil plan pala. who knows, he might also love cleaning bathrooms, and he'll join me, haha!

hi SHIONGE! that whoever is named Ricky, and yes, he will be very lucky, coz he has someone to tidy up his mess!

At 11:30 AM, June 06, 2006, Blogger vina said...

AJ, ricky who?

hehe, i'm doing well, thanks. keeping myself busy with blogging-and zanjoe and derek.

hi JASE! i bet mas marami ang collection mo siguro! i'm envious, haha!

At 4:06 PM, June 06, 2006, Blogger tin-tin said...

wow! OC! hehehe. kakaiba ka. yun lang masasabi ko. hehehe ;p

At 6:02 PM, June 06, 2006, Anonymous charles said...

OMG I am somewhat like that as well. And when it comes cleaning the bathroom as if I am a paranoid. Emptying it all at once to make sure that it's clean and sterile.

At 6:27 PM, June 06, 2006, Anonymous Toni said...

Okay ikwento mo nga sa akin ang cleaning technique mo sa banyo! I hate cleaning the bathroom but someone's gotta do it kasi!!! I use Zonrox and Ariel. Ay pati pala Mr. Muscle (tama ba). Pero hindi naman sabay-sabay. Any bathroom cleaning tips please? :)

At 7:36 PM, June 06, 2006, Blogger vina said...

hi TIN! ay talaga, sinabi mo pa. when i was younger naman, i didn't think i'd be like this. it was when i started living away from home that i have become this...this thing.

haha, arte.

hi CHAS! if you seem paranoid, i seem like a crazed person. we actually don't have a choice, do we? it's the bathroom we are using, so we might as well make it clean!

At 7:46 PM, June 06, 2006, Blogger vina said...

hi TONS! you said it right...someone's gotta do it. i have only seen my sister clean the bathroom once, and i think she was sick. other than that, there's no one i can rely on but me.

i really don't have tips on how to clean it, but i have the right tools that target problem areas, hehe.

i clean the walls first by spraying on the bathroom cleaner which targets molds/mildew and soap scums. let it stay for a few seconds, then brush and wipe away.

for the floor, i use the ajax powder na.

for tough molds, use mr. muscle. it is kinda strong and actually performs like muriatic acid, so i sugget you only spray it with open windows and if you're leaving the house so you won't have to inhale the fumes.

when i'm finished cleaning the shower area na, i spray the curtain with the shower mist. tip: spread the shower curtain after every use to make it dry faster and prohibit growth of bacteria.

i hope these tips help!

At 7:16 PM, June 07, 2006, Anonymous niceheart said...

Daig mo ako sa collection, I only use four products. I recommend Lysol toilet bowl remover, if you have it there. The uniquely-angled spout makes it easier to pour under the rim. :)

At 7:16 PM, June 07, 2006, Anonymous niceheart said...

I meant toilet bowl cleaner, not remover. he he he

At 2:07 PM, June 08, 2006, Blogger vina said...

hello NICEHEART. kulang pa nga yan, coz i ran out of lysol disinfectant (spray). for the toilet bowl cleaner, lysol din ang gamit ko!

hehe, it's nice to know that i'm not alone!


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