thursday crying marathon

last night, as it was raining, tears were free-flowing as well. no, no, nothing tragic happened. i was just my usual cry-baby self while watching my dose of Thursday TV specials.

Ricky could only mutter his usual "Aaw honey, you're crying" line upon seeing my tears trickling down my cheeks while watching the Ghost Whisperer on Studio 23.

in last night's episode, Jennifer Love Hewitt's characted helped out a young boy (the ghost), who did not know he had been dead for a year due to a train accident. eventually, through Jennifer's help, he was able to "talk" with his mom and was reassured that he would never be lonely (in heaven) since he will be with his grandma and his pet turtle, Tabby. the boy, after a year of wandering and wondering, finally crossed over.

after the Ghost Whisperer, i switched to Crime/Suspense for Cold Case, another Jerry Bruckheimer masterpiece which i have been following for three weeks now. i'm a sucker for forensic/medical/criminal suspense/drama shows, and so i'm a sucker for this show, as well (along with CSI, Law & Order, etc). i think this one has more heart because it really goes into the varied emotions of the characters. every episode also closes with a popular 80's or 90's song, which i find very unique.

last night, closing song was Madonna's Live to Tell - a woman with alzheimer's disease had a husband who was murdered sometime in 1996. initially, the re-opened case leaned towards the son as a suspect, who was just 16 years old when his father died. eventually, he revealed during interrogation, that it was his mother. she was physically abusing him and his father, and they always feared her. on that particular night, out of jealousy, she beat him up to death with a golf club, with the son helplessly watching and weeping for his father. the son loved and lost his father - but that did not mean that he did not love his mother as well. one could not just turn his mother in, could he?

after Cold Case, it was time for the main event. i tuned in to ABC 5 for - drum roll please - American Idol.

oh yes, i cried. i cried because i saw paula abdul cry. i cried because i saw simon's expression of shock. i cried because i heard the audience gasp in disbelief. i cried while watching the farewell video with the song-of-the-moment "Bad Day" as background music.

i cried because it shouldn't have been him. it shouldn't have been Chris Daughtry.

but i know, i'll see and hear him around soon. i'm looking forward to that - that, and Taylor Hicks in the finals.

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At 8:37 PM, May 12, 2006, Blogger Sidney said...

Crying is good for the eyes! ;-)

At 7:23 PM, May 13, 2006, Blogger EricD said...


rabe i eally envy you.. u still a lot of time for TV...

ako, i only learned about chris' exit by reading blogs.

my definition of Amazing Race season 9 is: go to and check out the updates



At 12:09 PM, May 15, 2006, Anonymous ghee said...

its a relief to know that you are a "cry-er",too... :)

nice entries.btw,were the same new in this blogosphere.i also started last march.

thanx for your comment.will come here for a link exchange?

At 11:16 AM, May 16, 2006, Blogger vina said...

i guess so, tito, hand me that eye drop and those cucumber slices!

hi eric. i love watching tv lang talaga. the easiest form of release from everyday pressures for me. plus, it's free, hehe. i have plenty of favorite tv shows that i resorted to buying "that kind" of dvds.

hello ghee. oo, i'm really like that. but crying is definitely not a sign of weakness!


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