if everything goes out as planned (meaning, funds are available), we're off to singapore sometime june for the Great Singapore Salewhich starts this 26th of May and ends on the 23rd of July.

the last time celine and i were there was 3 years ago, and every year after that, we could only wallow in self pity and longing. Mays and Julys of 2003-2005 have come and passed us by - are we to allow ourselves to be left out again?

the answer is a resounding "WE HOPE NOT!"

if and when we push through, i'll just worry about my pending credit card bill when i come back.

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At 11:41 PM, May 24, 2006, Anonymous yuri said...

hahaha.. enjoy simlim, lucky plaza and bugis! hahahah

At 12:40 AM, May 25, 2006, Blogger j said...

just got back from Singapore. didn't do much shopping though. puro pasyal but I had a great time! have fun during the sale. pasalubong ha? he he.

At 11:22 AM, May 25, 2006, Blogger TK said...

thanks for dropping by the blog.

At 11:25 AM, May 25, 2006, Blogger Sidney said...

Great Singapore Sale.

What do they sell? Shoes? ;-)

At 8:30 PM, May 25, 2006, Anonymous snglguy said...

Women and shopping? Arrgghh, whenever my ex-wife and I go to HK and S'pore, we always go our separate ways. I just can't keep up with her...

At 12:56 AM, May 26, 2006, Blogger Owen FV said...

uuy, you will be here in singapore. there are business trips, quite a few of them actually, in line for me but do give me a buzz and ill try to meet you if im in town. that's if you dont mind.

At 2:19 PM, May 26, 2006, Blogger vina said...

yur, jane/jairam, as long as i have the means, there's no way i would not enjoy!

tk, it was a pleasure visiting your blog. advance happy father's day!

tito sidney, everything to your heart's desire is on sale! this is probably the only time/period in singapore that i would be able to exercise my purchasing power! your ex-wife and you always went your SEPARATE WAYS huh? hehe

hi owen, if and when our plan push through, i'll drop you a line. it would be great to meet up with you! hmmm, what's that word? pa-libre?

At 12:13 AM, May 30, 2006, Blogger Owen FV said...

sige, do let me kno wwhen ur around. akin na ang first serving ng chili crab! hahaha!


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