to divi to buy my dvds!

yipeee! i'm going to divi tomorrow my dvds, and then some.

i'm not going somewhere during the lenten break and instead will spend some quality time on my bed, in my small unit, with my loved ones - ricky, debbie and april, and just watch and watch and watch...

so, on my list are (and which, i hope are already available):

lost 2 - this show is really so addictive! the last scene in the season 1 finale was such a cliffhanger, with locke finally opening the hatch!

house 2 - dr. house is such a pain in the ass, i love him! i hope the love angle between him and cameron will be played up.

prison break - wentworth miller. that's all i could say. also, i've watched a few episodes, read the reviews, and it's doing great in the u.s., thank you very much.

grey's anatomy - patrick dempsey...yum. also one of the top shows in the u.s.

so there. they're my priority. i'd also like to have 24, south park and the simpsons. but i think i'll be needing more funds for time, probably.

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