pancake house on a sunday morning

i'm usually not into heavy breakfast (unless it's a free buffet!) but yesterday i had just that - heavy breakfast, that is.

ricky, april and i went all the way to makati just around 10 am. ricky and i have been dying to have our italian food fix at the don bosco eatery for some time already. it was closed, but that did not bring us down because, of course, we had an alternative! and our alternative waaaaas...PANCAKE HOUSE!

yes, yummy pancake house. but wait. it was not pancakes nor waffle we were after - pancake house for us means Daing na Bangus (Dried Milkfish) more than anything else. bar none, theirs is the best tasting daing na bangus ever!

so off to pancake house, greenbelt 1 we went. and what do you know...all three of us ordered daing na bangus. ricky likes his daing na bangus extra toasted. but extra toasted or not, you could always just eat the whole thing. like what i do. just a teeny-weeny part of its tail is usually left behind.

oooooh, it was just delicious. by the time we finished, our plates were clean! no more bangus, garlic rice, egg, even the atsara (pickled papaya)!

not heavy enough, you say? weeeeell, it's because i forgot to mention that we also ordered a 3-piece blueberry pancake and two 4-piece country sausages.

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At 1:56 PM, April 24, 2006, Blogger Sidney said...

And how did you burned those extra calories? ;-)
I have to confess it looks yummy but the extra blueberry cake and the country sausages are a sinn ! :-)

At 2:57 PM, April 25, 2006, Blogger vina said...

hi tito sidney! i don't think the calories have been burned yet. it's a sloooooooow burning process for me since i don't know the meaning of the word exercise.


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