the manila auto show at the world trade center starts tomorrow and ricky and i have made plans to go there on saturday, but only after my cellophane treatment at basement salon, hehe. i gotta have my cake and eat it too, yes?

i want to see the new honda civic, which will be publicly unveiled there, and the suspense is killing me!

i hope i won't be disappointed...ooooooh, it's not what you think...i want it to be uh, ugly.

yes, dear folks, this is me, the 26% evil woman talking. i want my baby, my 2005 civic 1.6 VTIS to still be numero uno particularly in terms of design and form.

and, if indeed, i won't be disappointed and the new honda civic turns out below par, i promise to take up driving lessons and maybe pimp my ride!

WELL. now that i have gotten that off my chest, let's move on, shall we?

i'm counting the days till a friend of mine comes back from the U.S. next week. i made him buy 2 philip stein watches, but only if if it costs cheaper there. i could have just saved my spare dollars, but what the heck, it's extra money anyway. of course, i could only afford the plain and cheapest style. for now. *smug*

last night, the gang of 3 (ryan, celine & i) decided to eat at the new seaside complex along diosdado macapagal boulevard. i was just there last sunday (straight from the airport) for our birthday blow-out for april, my extended sibling, but come on...this is fresh seafood! who could say no? we ordered the usual: buttered garlic prawns, steamed prawns, calamares and crispy tilapia. needless to say, we went home full, nay, bloated, and...dizzy.

we've only tried out two restaurants since we started going there last month: Lola Ina's and Josefina's, and the former has already won me over. i don't intend to try out the other restaurants simply because i don't want to feel shortchanged (although you can never be shortchanged there because everything's reasonably priced!).

however, i feel a bit sad because my "supplier" is not there anymore....sheesh, i'm talking about dvds. i was able to buy my lost and nip/tuck dvds from one of the vendors there, unfortunately, he has "disappeared". couldn't find him last sunday, couldn't find him last night. and that means i have to go all the way to divisoria to have my fix. and i HAVE TO do it before the holy week.

please, please don't tell the OMB.

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