weekday night "life" - ricky vs vina


(1) removes shoes/socks

(2) lies down / watches tv

(3) sits up when called to eat

(4) lies down

(5) sleeps


(1) removes shoes and accessories and sets aside bag / things

(2) checks the bathroom and wipes / cleans the floor ; may spray the disinfectant

(3) sweeps

(4) prepares dinner

(5) has dinner

(6) washes the dishes / glasses

(7) wipes the bathroom floor

(8) sweeps for crumbs

(9) changes clothes (may change ranking)

(10) brushes teeth/ washes face or takes a bath

(11) puts on whatever has to be put on: toner, serum, moisturizer for face and eyes, lotion for hands and feet

(12) lies down to watch tv

(13) sleeps

(14) wakes up to turn off tv

(15) sleeps

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