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I admit, I rarely get impassioned, but if there is one thing that I am serious, adamant and excited about (aside from shopping, of course), it's TRYING to make a difference - in other people's lives and in the environment, in any way I can. Funny, because it can really be quite an effort, making other more fortunate people jump right in and join. Because they are either my friends or relatives, they don't reject me outright...which makes me wonder. Maybe I'm really just not a good sales person, hehe.

Nevertheless, I want to share the following worthwhile causes with you:

World Vision offers child sponsorship. With just P450 contribution per month, you will be able to help a poor child go to school, get proper healthcare, and enjoy his/her basic rights. There have already been a number of success stories with this program, with former WV scholars rising above their poverty and difficulties. To know more about World Vision, you may inquire through (02) 372-7777 or They also have booths in various malls. I decided to join as a sponsor when I spared some of my "shopping time" to a WV booth at Glorietta last year.

Kamay Krafts is an award-winning cooperative responsible for making those "trash" bags and wallets. If you've seen someone carrying a bag made of recycled/used tetra or juice packs (think Sunglo or Zesto), then you know what I'm talking about. These items are being exported and are, in fact, such a hit abroad, particularly in Switzerland. They are being made by women from various depressed areas in Metro Manila. With this, you not only get to be fashionable, but you are helping these women and their families, and the environment as well! Please check out their website at to understand and see what I'm talking about.

Together, we really CAN make this country a better place to live in...if not for everybody, than even just for a few. This is enough to make a difference.

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