moving up

i have upgraded myself, hehe. this is my first original post for blogger since the preceding posts were just exported from my friendster blog. and right now, i feel like i have to start from scratch, as i did then when i doubted myself and thought that i had nothing to write. boy, was i wrong - i wrote about anything!

so, let me introduce myself. i'm vina. 20 something till june this year. haha. when i grow up, i want to be just like ME. A-L-M-O-S-T famous.

i'm a corporate slave, working M-F for 10, sometimes 12 hours (i'm not complaining, though), under the same company for almost 9 years. thus, and please don't tell my boss if you know him, i'm doing this on the side.

i'm not a techie, so please bear with me. it's all self-education...nay, trial and error.

i'm into the usual girl stuff, but not that deep. which means, i'm not kikay, nor THAT vain.

i think i would be a good cook SOMEDAY.

i have one sibling, Debbie, one adopted whatever, April, one boyfriend, and one future poodle i shall name gucci.

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