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Mark_ruffalo i'm currently obsessing over actor mark ruffalo. he's just soooooo sexy. i took note of his name when i watched "in the cut" where he starred with meg ryan. that was a rather boring movie, but they had, well, "R" scenes...and he, well, he was just oozing with that thing called sex appeal. he also starred in collateral with tom cruise, 13 going on 30 with jennifer garner, and recently, with reese witherspoon in just like heaven. i also learned that he was also in windtalkers and in last castle, which i have also seen already, and which i have just ticked in my mental list under "movies to watch again".

did i already say he is so sexy? but more than anything, he's a damn good actor. yes, he is. really.

i could go on and on and on but i don't want to bore you.

maybe ricky wouldn't mind.

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