long-lost friend

an old friend of mine came home from UK , where she has been based as a nurse for 5 years, just last week. she stayed overnight in manila before proceeding to bacolod.

i have known her since my elementary days, although we haven't really been the best of friends. though we did not go to the same school until college, we met through athletic meets (yeeeees, i TRIED to be athletic, to no avail) and we went to the same ballet school. in college, we were classmates during the first year, when i was still enrolled in Nursing. after i shifted in my second year, we slowly lost touch of each other. we moved in different circles, had different worlds.

after almost 10 years of not seeing nor hearing from each other, friendster brought us back together just this year. it was one of my happiest moments - seeing her profile, then corresponding, then knowing she was coming home, then finally seeing her again, meeting her husband and yes, their adorable Luis Miguel, MY GODSON, born and baptized in UK.

needless to say, nothing has changed of our friendship. i realized that we have really formed a bond, and we have wonderful memories to look back on.

i admit, i haven't been really a good friend - to her, and to the others who have come my way. i just never really treasured and seized friendships. despite everything, i have been given a second chance.

and i am making up.

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At 4:32 PM, March 26, 2006, Blogger Jo said...

hi vina, can i link your blog in mine? My blog's url is www.jo-to-the-world.blogspot.com.


At 10:42 AM, March 27, 2006, Blogger vina said...

yes! yes! yes! thank you!


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