james patterson-speak (part 1 of many)

i finished James Patterson's 3rd Degree over the weekend. the novel is the latest in the Lindsay Boxer series. Patterson is really fantastic. he has never disappointed me yet. his stories are fast-paced and heart-pounding that you really CANNOT put the book down. for me, it's always "okay, one more chapter" until i realize i've reached the last few pages.

in this installment, one of Lt. Boxer's best friends dies. it's sad, but crucial to the plot. on the other hand, she finds love again and i'm glad she did because hers has been a lonely character since 1st to Die. but more importantly, this novel tackles terrorism, and i can't help but be terrified as well.

for those who haven't tried reading any of james patterson's novels, or if you want to venture out into the thriller/suspense genre, i highly recommend this author. there's nothing much of the mumbo-jumbo jargon that may alienate readers, like what clancy or grisham novels sometimes do. there's a lot to choose from...all of them definitely worth the late nights and the eye strain.

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