james patterson-speak 2

so i browsed through the official website of james patterson...so i got excited, then depressed, then downright miserable...of the books that i have yet to read, of the books i have to await till the paperback editions arrive (sob!).

to let you in in my obsession over this great author, here's the real score:

*on the alex cross novels

what i have: jack & jill, roses are red, violets are blue, four blind mice, and big bad wolf

what i'm missing: along came a spider, kiss the girls, cat & mouse, pop goes the weasel, london bridges, and the newest, mary, mary

i'm not sure if i'm still going to buy the first two since i've seen the movies, while i haven't seen a paperback edition of london bridges in powerbooks. as for mary, mary...asa pa ako.

*on the women's murder club

what i have: ist to die, 2nd chance and 3rd degree

what i'm missing: 4th of july, and the newest, the 5th horseman

4th of july is not in a paperback edition yet. as for the 5th horseman...again, with feelings, asa pa ako.Lghoneymoon_2

*other novels

what i have: the jester, the beach house, see how they run and honeymoon

what i'm missing: too many to be fretting about!

by the way, honeymoon (the book, people!) was great. totally deserved the 2005 international thriller award. then again, aren't all his books are?

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At 7:33 PM, April 06, 2006, Blogger vina said...

cross out 4th of july! just finished reading it!


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