haircut trail

hehe, i just realized, my hair already has a track record. i've already made quite a few rounds in the makati hair cutting/coloring circuit.

in bacolod it was just virtu salon for me...alas, there isn't any virtu salon here, so i jumped from one ship to another, starting off with:

*angelo justin, then with frank provost salon (he is now with basement) - he was recommended by cory quirino in her inquirer column, and i just had to try. went there once, and i don't know why. i spent some time with

*paolo of fix glorietta. again, got bored. transferred to

*i-forgot-his-name of first aid (fix) greenbelt. also stayed long there, until he was promoted and was transferred to their corporate office. ventured out to propaganda salon for

*alex carbonel. liked him and stayed, until i itched and tried

*teng roma of emphasis salon. blah. went back to

*alex carbonel. stayed, until i itched and tried

*manfred of basement salon. was about to schedule for 2nd haircut but he was on vacation and i just HAD to HAVE a haircut, and so i super-itched and tried

*philippe of first aid greenbelt. liked the haircut for some time, but i noticed it wasn't growing out well. went back to

*manfred, with whom i already had 2 cut and color sessions.

until when, that is the question...

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