the cost of vanity

if i weren't tooooo vain, i would have had lots of money by now. i'm a very discriminating and semi-loyal customer, and although it breaks my wallet (and heart), i cannot turn myself away. why, oh why do i have to buy la mer, shu uemura, awake, mac cosmetics and beauty products? why does it have to be tyler, topshop, mango, rustans for my clothes? why does firma have such beautiful and unique accessories? why have i discovered marni's room (thanks louis!)? why do you exist nine west? why propaganda and basement salons (thanks alex! thanks manfred!)? why??????

yes, if only i weren't too vain, i would have had enough savings by now. laser hair removal, mesotherapy or the latest in fat-reduction technology, diamond peel, travel to Europe, gucci items, bulgari jewelry and watch....

haha....i'm in one of my wicked moods. turning off in 1, 2, 3.

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