the cleaning lady

if there is one chore i'm not too fond of, it's ironing. oh, make it two. AND washing clothes.

i mean, you wouldn't see me going gaga over these two as i would over buying different sorts of multi-purpose cleaning agents & disinfectants, or stocking up on tissue paper for my cleaning and spraying spree. wow, talking about this excites me already...

let me see...i have the basics: ajax cleaner (powder), lysol, baygon and pledge. then, i have the spray sort: a multi-purpose/all-around cleaner and a shower mist available only in clark (and which i purchased for only $1 each!) and a mold & mildew cleaner, Mr. Muscle, available in our local supermarkets. also, i used to have a tile cleaner (also bought in clark), bade me farewell a long time ago.

i wonder when we're going back to clark / puregold? standing lingering amidst the rows and rows of multi-purpose cleaners - in all shapes, sizes, colors, form, and strength - is pure bliss for me. my eyes light up and my body shakes in sheer jubilation.

shut up, I KNOW i'm weird.

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