bacolod food cravings

aaaargh! i miss bacolod/home-cooked food! i'm saying this because earlier during lunch, i ordered paksiw na tilapia and well, let's just say it tasted funny (read: not good). aaaaah, the price i have to pay for (a) living away from home, and (b) not being able - no, make that NOT KNOWING how to COOK.

i long for my mom's paksiw na tilapia with guava leaves (my favorite tilapia meal). ooooh, that always made my day. another comfort food of mine is my tita inday's carne prita (ala tapa). it helped that i was her favorite niece, and so everytime i craved for it, she'd prepare it for me without complaints!

i also remember that when i was still a bit new here in manila, i looked for my favorite dessert, the Black Sambo. i was shocked to hear that people here did not know what it was - which meant that it was bacolod's local dessert! back in my hometown, i only go to one pastry shop for this, and that is Calea Pastry Shop. it was only around february this year that i found out that one bacolod restaurant i frequent here in manila sells it! that restaurant is Bacolod Chicken Inasal (which has a free standing building along Jupiter Road and outlets in SM Megamall, Glorietta and Robinson's Ermita, among others).

it was in their SM Megamall outlet that i noticed it in their menu, and when i asked the waiter if it was just a february special, he informed me that they have always been serving it! now, there's an explanation for this slip-up on my part, and it's simple: i don't bother reading their menu because ricky and i order the same food over and over again: chicken inasal, pork sisig, and sizzling bangus. sigh...on that night, fate (and gluttony) was on my side.

oh (and this time, i'm not happy anymore) i also miss conee's cansi. and batchoy (even if it's from iloilo). and nene's snackhouse pancit molo. and...and... everything else that spells and smells bacolod. *sob*

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At 7:48 PM, March 25, 2006, Blogger Jules said...

isn't it funny that the things we negrenses take for granted as the norm is in fact unknown outside.

one is black sambo... i agree it's one my favorite during high school... that and bob's silvanas... sang-una tag P15 lang isa!

another is the sate babe! no one in manila knows about it, but everyone in bacolod knows about it.


At 7:15 PM, April 11, 2006, Blogger vina said...

sorry for the late reply! but, yes, i did regard these food (as well as other things) very ordinary as well, and took some for granted. and now, being away from my hometown, i realize that i am every inch an ilonggo...i live, breathe, smell and eat bacolod.


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